What are essential oils?
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the flowers, stems, bark, roots,seeds and other parts of plants.  The natural fragrances are typically derived through steam distillation.  Once cooled, the oil separates from the water.  The oil is filtered and you have your pure essential oil.  Note: If you peel an orange and squeeze/press the peel, you will see and smell the oil from the orange on your fingers.  
What are natural fragrance oils?
Natural fragrance oils are a blend of essential oils, natural resins and natural aromatic ingredients including natural isolates. According to the Natural Perfumer's Guild, "A natural isolate is a molecule removed/isolated from a natural fragrance material, as defined by the Guild, which contains the isolate. Processes that are acceptable for removing/isolation are: fractional distillations, rectifications and molecular distillations of natural fragrance materials as defined by the Guild."
What is the meaning of E.O. and N.F. at the end of aromas?
E.O. means the product is made with essential oil.  N.F. means the product is made with natural fragrance.  
Can essential oils irritate my skin?
Essential oils are natural fragrances that come directly from the host.  Since people differ, it's difficult to tell if an essential oil will irritate someone's skin.  Example: Lavender essential oil may not irritate the skin of some people. However, in some people, it may cause irritation to the skin.  In this case, some people may need to use a lavender fragrance oil in order to use a product.  
Remember, this could also be the reverse scenario for irritation caused by a fragrance oil.
Do you use synthetic fragrances or bases?
We create our own aromas using essential oils.  We also use high quality fragrance and flavor oils that are phthalate free. Many of our fragrance oils are naturally derived.  We specifiy aromas with essential oils with E.O. and natural fragrance oils with N.F.  We also select and purchase fragrances and bases directly from trusted and reputable manufacturers.  We try our best to keep our products clean and free from many of the harmful synthetic chemicals which are typically found in mass and commercially produced body care products.



The company's products are inspired by Mother Nature by using quality essential oils, other natural/organic products and botanicals. No liability will be assumed by K.S.E. Spa Collections, the parent company, employees, shareholders or affiliates for any claims arising from the use, misuse or otherwise of any product sold or manufactured by K.S.E. Spa Collections. K.S.E. Spa Collections products are not meant to prevent or treat any medical or other conditions.

-Do not take essential oils internally. -Keep away from children. -Keep away from eyes, mucous membranes and open flames. -If you develop skin irritation when using our products, discontinue use and seek medical attention. -If you are pregnant or receiving treatment for any condition, check with your health-care professional before using a product made with essential oils. Thank you!

Are your products chemical free?

Simply put, nothing is "chemical" free; air and water are chemicals.  We strive to use earth sustainable/biodegradable ingredients for our products. To keep natural bacteria and fungus from forming in products, some preservatives are absolutely necessary.  This is especially true for products that contain water. Many of our products do not contain water and are preservative free.  
Do you use a preservative in your sugar scrubs?
It is important to keep water out of your scrub and to use a scoop to lift the scrub out of the jar.  We do use a paraben free and formaldahyde-free preservative to make sure the integrity of the product is maintained for customers who may get water into their scrub.
How do I make my products last?
It's important to always use clean hands/fingers when using certain products. This reduces the possibility of contamination.  
How can I purchase a product or aroma I no longer see on the site?
K.S.E. Spa Collections rotates products and aromas based on the season or occasion.  If there is a product or aroma you would like to order that is not listed, please contact us to see if we can accomodate your request.  
How can I receive free samples?
Please go to the home page and click "Create An Account".  No purchase is necessary.  You will be added to the database and you may be selected to receive free samples!  Also, when you create your account, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about news and sales.
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